Backup/Sync/Collaboration Services

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The Challenge

Secure and reliable storage is critical for maintenance of trade secrets, your customers’ personal information (see "InfoSec Compliance"), contracts and financial data. With so much data being generated by your business, no one in your organization has the time to perform systematic real-time and historic backups of data generated in a regular work day, not to mention to test that these backups can then be uploaded. And, even if a company employee would be responsible for on-site backups, what happens if he misses a day or two and then you are hit by ransomware? One missed backup can mean serious damage to operations.

File sync technology has made it possible for employees to access and share files from virtually anywhere. Unfortunately, the use of consumer-grade file sync services, such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive, jeopardizes corporate data. The cost to organizations that mishandle data varies depending on the industry – but in all cases it is significant. The benefits of file sync technology are great, but consumer-grade file sync services are not appropriate for the workplace.

Moreover, there is a growing need for real-time collaboration of files among employees. What can be done to share documents in a secure and reliable way?

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The Solution

To this end, Efrat Networks offers a range of products and services and partial or complete BCP (Business Continuity Plan) strategies.
- EFN SyncedTool is our cloud sync and collaboration service built for business use. It replaces the inefficient consumer and “prosumer” cloud services noted here with a flexible and secure private cloud and a rich business-oriented feature set, optional integration with Windows Server Active Directory, in-transit and at-rest encryption and much more. The key features of EFN SyncedTool are:
  - Business-grade file sync, enabling secure file access from any device 
  - Secure and easy real-time sharing, empowering user collaboration
  - Backup and restore features, preventing data loss
  - Administrative features and integrations, delivering security and control
  - Compliant data centers and military-grade security, exceeding industry standards

- On-site backup is a standard precaution for most of our clients. Efrat Networks installs and maintains Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives to provide that extra level of data security to our business clients. Our NAS drives seamlessly work in the background to backup and store data, for easy access from any connected device on the network.

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